O-SEED Furniture around th world,After ten years work hard,we already bring our furniture and service to over 30 countries.we are happly to work with worldwide customers,Let's creat a great future together.

Overseas Business Contact:

日本高清视频:色情www Mr Mike    Email:mike@okings-group.com   

Phone:86-021-60480338 Mobile:86-1352449-9565  Skype:mikefromokingsfurniture 

Ms Ruby  Email:ruby@okings-group.com   

Phone:86-021-60480300 Mobile:86-137-6128-5535  Skype:home-furniture1    

Sales office in America

Addree:6570NW 36TH Ave , Coconut Creek,Florida,America

business contact: 

日本高清视频:色情www Mr Neeke   Email:sales1@okings-group.com  Tel:(954) 934-9461  Skype:okings888