Shanghai O-Kings Furniture has 3 professional design teams on soft design and customized furniture .They are experience in oversea soft decoration and design education .We separate total process into 35 program,to guarantee product quality and showing effect ,we make insect from soft design to processing , We constantly offer client excellent products with the spirit of fully devot to work ,professional technical and quality services .Shanghai O-Kings Furniture soft decoration department is a experience,innovative team and comes with Executive Ability team .Our proverb is
Design Director

Ruby(designer director ),as a top-end interior designer ,she take realize perfect space as targe and she good at getting inspirit from different area .absorb good quintessence from fashion ,art ,construction ,culture and forming multiply culture idea as special innovative design and joint space together ,she developing a own aesthetic system which comes with TIME temperature and cultural enrichment rather than only start at color and tinkering with modelling .Her design can bring you a practicability ,graphic sense and power art space .

Chief Designer

Ruby (Design Director ) ,she focus on hotel and sample room furniture project .She worked as interior designer and project manager in South America ,Europe and Asia .She always appear on different design and furniture fairs, such as Milan ,Cologne,Chicago ,Miami,Buenos Aires ,San Diego and shanghai .

COO/ Designer

Michael a professional COO and designer worked in foreign construction companies ,she have rich experience in design studies ,business management ,focus on searching balance between art and business .offering overall and quality services from design to marketing .

Robbie (China)
OperationerMananger Designer

日本高清视频:色情www Robbie(Designer ) ,he insist on the idea of people first ,and get inspirit from life .he break tradition concept on material use ,space change and light control .He system them with exceed understanding on tranditional design concept and merging harmoney ,fashion ,luxury together .Offering client a perfect and quality design .


Art-loving ,a traveller ,Event planner,she have high sensitive on around people ,cases ,information ,and get inspiration from them .she like to try different light and color ,subject and media ,their cross and merge .