Initial contact → conceptual plan (free) → sign the contract (surcharge) → → deepen the design stage soft-mounted ancillary services contract signed (the contract products) → ordering, purchasing, furnishing, installation, commissioning → After decorated service
1. the initial contact
About the situation, understand the project information, the design requirements and time schedule.
2. the conceptual design stage (free)
A conceptual plan. And provide similar chamber, similar style design. (3 to 5 days) Note: This concept of the program, including layout, space design ideas and concepts can provide a reference chart to determine the style, material and color and so on.
3. the signing of the design contract (fee), charges see below.
Conceptual design by the customer confirmed the signing of "soft loading design contract", the first phase of the design fee: By design fee of 60% of the total amount charged.
4. deepen the design phase
Phase II design fee: deepen the design, modification, to determine the final solution. Deepening the second phase of the design fee charged to determine the final design of the program by 40% of the total design fee. Deepening the design according to the design requirements of the contract typically include: flat with color lighting scheme curtain fabric configuration program to configure the program configuration options ornaments and art furniture configuration scheme
5. the sign "supporting the procurement contract"
Estimators issued a shopping list and budget according to the design plan, signed a "supporting procurement contracts." Determine the service project to identify installed software product procurement, customization and installation of ancillary time.
6. ordering, purchasing, furnishing, installation, acceptance
According to the design needs of designers, tracking some of the major products of the furnishings, installation and acceptance.
7. decorated after the service
Visit tracking, warranty inspections and repair